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Discover Delivery, the digital messenger for the press and the book trade.

  • Your magazines and books on your computer

Delivery enables you to receive a complete digital version of a magazine that is identical to the issue sold in print format at a newsagent.
Although on screen it’s diffrent from a printed copy, it doesn’t crumple or carry the scent of ink, it is both pleasant and practical:

  • It is comfortable and easy to read and always in good condition.

  • It is always on time, regardless of delays in distribution.

  • The document is always available, you can carry it with you on your laptop, and you can keep it for ever and build up a collection. You can also transfer it to a USB key.

  • You can run searches in the document and make annotations.


But Delivery is much more than just a magazine on a computer.


reader_exemple Some issues can be interactive and come with extras, such as games, competitions, treasure hunts… They can include videos and music.

In order to read the document, a specific software application is required (Delivery Reader) and is downloaded to your computer. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require any training.

It is always possible to read issues that have been downloaded, even off-line (without being connected to the Internet).

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